Distribution Lists and Policy on E-mail Lists

Scripps College Student-L, Staff-L and Faculty-L are moderated lists to be used only for official business of the college and contain all of the members of the community. The lists Student-Talk, Staff-Talk and Faculty-Talk are unmoderated lists and may contain a wider range of topics.

Additional Distribution Lists

Scripps does support additional system wide distribution lists. Requests for a system list should be submitted to Scripps Information Technology (IT). Scripps IT will consider system-wide list requests for classes, administrative committees or departments, or official student groups.

The Scripps College policy on email distribution lists was drafted back in 1996 in response to a growing need and desire on the part of the community to reduce electronic “junk mail” on campus. Violations of the policy include attempts by individuals to circumvent the mass mailing lists by taking large groups of names out of the email address book. The following examples are provided to help clarify the policy and do not represent an exclusive list of possible violations:

  • Sending email to all first years, sophomores, juniors or seniors. As Scripps does not support class lists at this time, email to a particular section of the Scripps student community should either be sent to the moderated list Student-L (if it is official business of the college) or to the Student-Talk list with a descriptive subject line that references the intended audience. (e.g. Attention All Seniors — Special Meeting Next Week)
  • Sending email to all residents of a particular dorm. Scripps IT will create a residents hall distribution list provided we have annual approval from the dorm president and are provided with a list of names to include. Pasting names from the email addressbook of all dorm residents is a violation of email policy.
  • Sending email to all CORE students (or other department/class groups.) Unless a faculty member has requested a distribution list for a class, all email to students must go through the approved Student-L or Student-Talk lists.
  • Sending email to many staff members at Scripps.While you may not have pasted “every” name in the address book, sending a mass of staff, faculty or student names does violate the intent of the policy Scripps has established. Good rule of thumb — don’t send personal email to anyone you do not personally know! (i.e. personal email is any message sent to a particular name instead of a system distribution list.)
  • Create your own personal distribution list of a mass campus mailing.Creating your own personal list in order to mass email the Scripps community is still a violation of the Scripps list policy.

Claremont College Email List Names

In order to facilitate electronic communication between the colleges, the 4C has proposed and adopted the following Claremont standards for email aliases for distribution lists.

  • Student@Insitution.Edu as well as Students@Institution.Edu
  • Faculty@Institution.Edu
  • Staff@Institution.Edu

Remember to replace the word INSTITUTION with HMC, CMC, Pomona, Pitzer, CUC, KGI or ScrippsCollege in the examples above. (e.g. Faculty@ScrippsCollege.Edu)

The aliases above are intended to point to lists on each campus that are geared for official college business. On some campuses these lists may be moderated, at others they may be directed to a bulletin board or other device that has been chosen to best meet the needs of their community.

In addition a single alias called Announce@Institution.Edu will be used for non-moderated general purpose discussions. Each campus has chosen how to best implement these unofficial emails and may include self-subscribing lists, bulletin boards or selective distribution via some form of moderation.

In summary, the Faculty, Staff and Student email aliases are intended for the widest possible distribution of Claremont official business email on each campus, while the Announce email alias is intended for non-business mail and indeed may only be delivered to a sub set of the community who has requested to participate in these types of lists.

Claremont Wide Lists

In addition to campus specific lists, there exists @Claremont.Edu lists for each of the above entities. Example:

  • Faculty@Claremont.Edu,
  • Student@Claremont.Edu (as well as Students@Claremont.Edu),
  • Staff@Claremont.Edu, and
  • Announce@Claremont.Edu

Each campus may subscribe their official list or another unofficial list (intended for general announcements) to these “master” Claremont distribution lists.

Sending to these lists does not guarantee that email will be distributed on every campus, but that the proper process/procedure for deciding to deliver the mail based on its content will be made.

If you have any questions about appropriate use of email or other IT policies on campus, please contact Scripps Information Technology.