Personal Web Pages

Scripps College faculty and staff are allowed to host their own web site on Scripps servers. Before doing so, however, read the Appropriate Use Policy as well as the Scripps Web Policy before placing any files in your WWW folder within your home directory.

Creating Your Site

To create a web page that is visible on the Internet, simply create a folder named WWW inside of your home directory and an index.html file inside this folder. This space will instantly become live and active on the Internet.

The resulting web address will be:


Substitute the word username above with your Novell network login name.

Note: All files that are placed in this WWW subfolder of your home directory will be automatically live on the Internet. Faculty and staff must abide by all of the policies regarding technology resources on campus.

If you are in violation of any of the policies governing appropriate use of the web you will be subject to immediate removal of your active web space in addition to other the college disciplinary procedures.

If you have any questions about creating your web folder or accessing your web files please contact Information Technology.