New Student Technology Preparation Checklist


New Student Technology preparation checklist ~ prior to your arrival on campus


Be ahead of the game and review information here which explains the software you are given during your stay at Scripps.                                                                     

Download this handy checklist for your own copy.

   Verify your computer meets the minimum requirements.

   Verify that your computer has been patched/updated.

   After June 8, 2018 – Login to your Office 365 account (Scripps College e-mail) and change the password.

   You will be able to change your network account password when you arrive on campus.

   Login to the Portal using your network credentials and familiarize yourself with your options.

   Record your Name Pronunciation and List your Name Pronoun in the Portal ~ Click here for Instructions

   Install Trend Enterprise Anti-Virus program if you do not have your own Anti-Virus program.

✓   Install the newest version of Microsoft Office 365 suite on all of your peripherals.  You have 5 copies to use.  If you            already own your own software then no need to install ours.

    Install Box Drive on your devices, you have unlimited cloud storage while you are at Scripps.

   Watch the Tech Essentials video which will give you information about IT services, including some tips for the Portal            and Sakai.  You will find full documentation on each of those at their respective sites.


Scripps Information Technology

For assistance call Scripps IT helpdesk 909 607-3406 or email



Updated March 2018