Connecting to the Scripps Network on a Mac

In order to access your Home Directory files on the Scripps Network, you will need to log in to the network server. This can be done using the “Go” menu on the Finder toolbar: In order for the Network volumes to show up on your desktop change this setting before connecting. From Finder pull down menu select preferences. Where it says Show these items on the Desktop, check the box that says “connected servers” & close window.


1. In the Finder (Desktop), from the menu bar click Go > click Connect to Server 

2. In the address bar, type:

3. Click Connect


4. Enter your username and network password > click Connect


5. In the next window: select Student > click OK

The Student icon will appear on your desktop.


6. Double-click Student > Home > Username to get to your files*




To make a shortcut to your Network home directory in the Finder’s sidebar: click on Username directory, go to File > Add to Sidebar

If you try to access this folder shortcut in the Finder window when you are not already logged in, you will be prompted for your username and password, and then the server will mount on the desktop and the folder will open.

To log out of your home directory: select the Student server icon and go to File > Eject, OR

Select the Student server icon and drag it towards the Trash in the Dock. Shortly after you begin dragging, the trashcan will turn into an eject button labeled Disconnect. Drag the icon onto that button.


Scripps Information Technology ~ June 2015