Connecting to Claremont‐WPA

To Logon to the Claremont‐WPA Wireless Network


While you are on Claremont College campus you may connect to the wireless network with your Novell Network username and password.

Mac Laptops Instructions:

  1. Go to your WiFi & connections  Click & select connect to Claremont-WPA.
  2. In the login box type your & your password
  3. On the next pop up accept the certificate *Note: (This will only pop up for new equipment. Returning Students, Faculty or Staff members who had once connected to Claremont-WPA & for some reason have lost their connection will not see this pop up.)


Windows Laptops Instructions:

(Open any web browser to make this connection.)

  1. From the list of available wireless networks choose Claremont to gain access to the local

Claremont intranet.

  1. Open Internet Explorer & type:

You will now be prompted to configure your computer for access to our SECURE Claremont College

Network with the wizard.


  1. Check the box to accept the End User License Agreement, and then click Start.

At the Wireless Welcome Screen

  1. Enter your Network & Password
  2. Click Continue

The system will authenticate and check the validity of the login account credentials.

  1. When the login is validated, click “Done” to complete the setup.



Last Updated: May 2018