Computing Resources on Scripps Campus

Scripps College has a combination of presentation classrooms and computer labs to facilitate the use of technology on campus. The Scripps network supports a wide variety of software and Internet applications to be used for educational purposes and to carry out the legitimate business of the college.

Student Computer lab, Steele 226
PC classroom, Steele 229
Multimedia classroom, Steele 5
Mac Art Lab, Lang 214
Language Lab, Humanities 122
Dorm computer rooms (Mac and PC)
Audio/Visual (Media) Services
Student Union (Mac and PC)

Smart Classroooms

All of our classrooms are “smart,” meaning that each has a computer connected to the network, with CD, VCR, all-region DVD player, and data projector. The Humanities Auditorium, with seating for over 200, also has SVHS-VCR, audiocassette with recording function, and 16mm with fully integrated audio. These rooms are used for classes, workshops, and presentations, and can accommodate the electronic technology which is now an important component of the academic experience.

Multimedia Classrooms

PC Classroom – Steele 229

Steele Hall room 229, is equipped with 25 Dell systems with Flat panel displays and a printer.

Mac classroom – Steele 5

Located on the lower level of Steele Hall in room 5, this facility is equipped with 25 multimedia Macintosh systems.


Student Computer Lab – Steele 226

Located on the second floor of Steele Hall, this facility contains 12 Macintosh and 18 Dell PCs that host a variety of applications and discipline specific software. Scanning and color printing are also available. Scripps students and faculty have 24-hour access to the lab with their ID card while classes are in session.

Art Computer Lab – Lang 214

The Art computer lab is located in Lang Art Center. It is available to students enrolled in computer art and multimedia studio classes.

Language Lab – Humanities 122

This lab in Humanities 122 is for use by students studying foreign languages at Scripps, CMC and HMC. It has 15 Dell and Mac computers with special language software installed. Satellite TV with international channels is also available here.

Residence Hall Computer Resources

Providing 24-hour computer access, each of the nine residence halls is equipped with at least one DELL PC, a Macintosh system and a Laser printer for student use. The computers are on the campus network and run the same software that is available in the computer lab.

Computer Network Access in Residence Hall Rooms

Scripps College provides computer connections (Gigabit Ethernet ports) in every Residence hall room. Students with personal computers can utilize this technology to connect to our LAN, which provides Internet and access to free laserjet printing. In order to connect to the wired network, students need to have an Ethernet port and cable. NEWHall, our newest residence hall, will be the first with over 100 wireless access points throughout and no ethernet in the student rooms.

Audio/Visual (Media)Services

The Media Services office has equipment available for check-out such as overhead projectors and cameras. Should you need their services please contact them through the Media Services web page here.

Student Union

Three computers, including both Mac and PC, also there are conference and study rooms available for students to reserve.