Computer Lab Rules and Regulations

The following is a list of just some of the rules and regulations that govern computing use on the Scripps College Campus. In addition, there are other documents and policies that may also apply, such as the Claremont Appropriate Use Guidelines and Residential Networking agreement.

Use of the Local Area Network

All Scripps students may have an account on the Scripps Local Area Network, which contains word processing, statistical and other software specific to but not limited to coursework at Scripps College. As a computer user on the Scripps Local Area Network, a student may access any software program that is listed on the Scripps Local Area Network Menu. At no time is it permitted to leave the network menu for any reason. Any user attempting to exit the menu or access any file on the network will have their rights revoked and not be permitted to use the Scripps Academic Computing Lab.

Students are not permitted to use another student’s or computer consultant’s user account. As a student with an account on the Scripps LAN, there is a user-named directory associated with your account. The letter mapped to this area on the Network Disk is Drive Z. In circumstances when network disk space is insufficient for coursework, additional space may be given temporarily. Please send a help request advising how much additional space is needed and why.

Rules for Reserving a Computer

  • You must be a Scripps College faculty, student or staff member to reserve a computer.
  • Reservations must be made in person. Phone reservations are not accepted and you are not allowed to reserve time for another student.
  • The MAXIMUM block of time is 2 HOURS PER DAY. If you sign up for more than two hours only the first two hour block will be honored — any additional time will be crossed off and made available for other people to reserve.
  • You must sign up at least one hour in advance of the time slot you would like to reserve.
  • If you fail to arrive during the first 15 minutes of the time you have reserved, you will lose your computer reservation and the entire block of time will be made available to other students.
  • Any computer left unattended for more than 15 minutes will be turned off (files subject to loss) and the user will lose her reserved computer block.
  • If you reserve a computer you should use the specific station number that you have indicated the reservation book.

Hard Disk Systems

The local hard disks on the computers connected to the network are used for storing networking configuration files and in some instances programs specific to a particular hardware device such as a hand scanner or other peripheral devices. At no time is a student permitted to copy any files TO or FROM a local hard drive. Any student found placing files or otherwise accessing hard disk files will have her/his computer use revoked and will not be permitted to use the computers in the Scripps Information Technology Labs.

Running Your Own Software

Only software provided by the Scripps Information Technology Lab may be used on the microcomputers. At no time may a student program be uploaded to either the network or a local hard disk. If permission is first obtained from the Director of Information Technology, a student may be permitted to use a self contained program that resides on a floppy or zip disk.

User Priority

The following is a list ranked from highest to lowest priority on the Scripps Network computers:

  • Scripps students or faculty who have reserved up to a two hour block on the computer. (Only individuals from Scripps my reserve a block of time.)
  • Any Scripps student or faculty member.
  • All other members of the Claremont Colleges. If you have user priority on a system you mays ask the current user to leave — or ask the computer consultant on duty for assistance. Failure to promptly vacate a system may result in suspended privileges of the Scripps computing facility.

Use of Software

No copying of software is allowed. Unauthorized copying of software may be both a criminal and a civil offense, for which you may be liable for fines, damages and attorney’s fees, in addition to Scripps College judiciary action. Any attempt to copy program or other files from the network is illegal and has ramifications both for the user and for the college. A violation will place the Scripps lab in jeopardy of the current software licenses.

Printing Fees

The Student Computer Lab and the Dorm Computer Rooms are equipped with LaserJet printers. Student can print up to 2000 pages for free each year (3000 for seniors). While most students do not need additional pages, they can purchase print blocks for 5 cents per page over their limit. Color printing and special paper such as transparencies are available at additional costs and must be paid for at the time of service.

No copies! Printing multiple copies is not permitted. Printing FLYERS, or mass-mailings on the printers is not an efficient use of the hardware and is unnecessarily taxing on the system. You are permitted to print only one original and then take that to a copying machine for duplicating purposes. Included in this rule is Senior Thesis printing. Only ONE original copy of a student senior thesis is permitted. Students must take the thesis to a vendor for further copies and binding.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • Resumes: When a xeroxed copy of a personal resume is not acceptable, a student is permitted to make up to 10 printed originals (copies) of her resume on a lab printer.
  • Mail Merging applications: In this case, the body of the letter does change slightly to incorporate a new address or other varying information for each message. Mail merge applications that exceed 50 printed pages, must first have permission obtained from the Director of Information Technology before using lab printers.

For questions please contact Jeff Sessler.