BOX@Scripps Overview

Box is our new cloud based file storage solution for the Scripps College Community!

Go to:

Click Continue and you will be taken to CAS.


Use your Scripps College Network credentials to log on.

You will be redirected back to Box.



Your Box account will look like this when you are signed in. Your name will appear on the top right corner.

You can upload files (and folders) by clicking the upload button.

You can also upload files by dragging them into the screen.

To create a new folder, click the “New” button.

You can also create notes and new documents within Box.


Click the share button to send an email invitation for someone to view and collaborate with you.






When you click “Share”, the box to the right will appear. Here you can send people a link to your file or you can enter their email address(es) and personalize a message if you choose. They will receive an email invitation.





If you check the checkbox on a file, the following buttons will appear. The options you have from
left to right are: Download, Send, Tag, Move/Copy and Delete.


For more information please go to: