Faculty, Staff and Students-

We are excited to announce the roll out of a new, collaborative, web-based service for all members of the Scripps community. In response to a universal need for an improved cloud-based collaboration platform, we selected Box as our secure cloud storage and collaboration solution.  Box provides an easy-to-use platform enabling access to your content from anywhere on any device.

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Get started with Box@Scripps:

1.     First: Start by logging into Box@Scripps – here using your Scripps network login credentials, and stay logged in.

2.     Then click on this training link – here

For additional in-depth training on BOX@Scripps see these links below.

What is Box?

  • Upload file size limit increased from 250MB to 15GB
  • Password protected sharing
  • Faster uploads
  • Detailed version history
  • A campus-supported, cloud-based secure storage solution
  • Unlimited storage for your Scripps work files
  • Built-in collaborative tools allow you to author and share files with anyone
  • Centralized Scripps IT support

Maximum file size in Box@Scripps raised to 15GB

The maximum size for an individual file in the Box@Scripps collaboration and storage service is now 15GB (up from 5GB). Box@Scripps provides the largest file size limits of any of the Higher Education central cloud services.

Box@Scripps allows you to share and collaborate on documents and other files online. With a Box@Scripps account, you can invite both Scripps and non-Scripps people to collaborate with you, and with this latest increase, you can upload a file 200% larger than the previous maximum file size.

With Box@Scripps, you can:

  • Manage and preview files in many formats
  • Access content through all major browsers, and through mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry
  • Share files and folders while controlling access with a range of permissions from preview-only to full editing and collaboration rights
  • Comment on files
  • Create simple workflows
  • Take advantage of related applications

The file size limit has been increased, please be aware of the following known issues and requirements.

-System requirements: 

  • Upload files greater than 5GB individually. If you need to upload a group of large files to Box, please see our Box Help article “Methods for Migrating Content to Box” for alternatives.
  • Use a business-class Internet connection with upload and download speeds of 50Mbps. Please note that a 15GB file could take up to 40 minutes at 50Mbps.

-Known issues:

  • IE 10 and 11 have a limit of 4GB per file. IE 7, 8 and 9 have a limit of 2GB per file if the Flash plugin is installed. These limits do not apply if the user selects the Upload Folders option, which uses Java. Please see our Box Help article What Is the Box Policy for Browser and OS Support? for more information.
  • Users cannot pause or resume a large file upload during upload. If there is an error, the user will need to reattempt the upload. To troubleshoot file upload issues, please see our Box Help article“Troubleshooting File and Folder Upload Issues”.

What does Box@Scripps mean for You?

  • Transforms the way you store, access, and share files – secure access on any device, no software required
  • Facilitates efficient sharing with clients, vendors, or partners in under 30 seconds
  • Creates a centralized workspace for your teams to collaborate
  • Simplifies your experience with capabilities to create, edit, and comment within Box
  • Keeps everyone up-to-date by tracking revisions and displaying file version history
  • Increases collateral visibility and control with robust security settings
  • Delivers a simple experience through an intuitive UI
  • Saves time by eliminating the need for inefficient file sharing methods (no more email attachments!)
  • Provides flexibility through on-the-go mobility productivity


Thank you,

Information Technology Team


Updated May 2017