Account Access

This page provides instructions for Faculty, Staff and Students to access Box@Scripps, log on to Scripps Office, Lab and Classroom Computers as well as Academic Portal and Sakai. You will use your Novell Account Credentials to log into these programs. The screenshots below show an example of Windows and Mac log in environment.


Accessing Files From Off-campus

Log into Box@Scripps using your Scripps network login credentials.


Logging on to a Scripps computers

On a Windows computer, please press CTRL+ALT+DEL to access the login screen.  Use your Novell Network Credentials on both Windows and Mac Computers


Logging in to Portal

You can access both Portal and Sakai through

There will be links on the top left of the page.




On the Portal homepage, you will see the Login prompt. Log in with your Scripps College Network Account credentials.

Your Portal homepage will look like this once you have logged on.



Logging in to Sakai

To log in to Sakai, click the Login button located on the top right hand side of the Sakai homepage.



You will be directed to the CAS login screen, where you will need to select “Scripps College” from the drop-down menu. Then input your Scripps College Network Account credentials and click login.







You will be redirected back to Sakai, and you should now see your classes listed at the top of the screen in separate tabs.


Updated February 2018