2016 Graduates

To Scripps Graduates:

Please read this important information related to your Office365, Novell and Scripps email accounts.

Your accounts will be disabled no earlier than February 28th, 2017, once disabled, you will no longer be able to login to those resources.

The version of Microsoft Office that is part of our Office 365 migration is tied to your Scripps account.  If you installed Office 365 via our subscription, it is linked to your Scripps Outlook account.  When that is disabled you will lose access to the programs and you may be prompted to pay for a subscription.


While you are still on campus and before your account is locked up please…

*Copy Files from your Z drive/Home Directory to an external drive that you can take with you.

*Consider advising your colleagues to contact you at your personal email..


Upon or just prior to graduating, please remove Outlook Profile, Novell, and McAfee from your personal computer. GroupWise also if applicable.

To remove McAfee, Groupwise and Novell clients from your computer.



To back-up your Outlook email BEFORE you remove your Scripps email account – WINDOWS.

To remove Scripps email account from Outlook – WINDOWS.


To back-up Scripps email account from Outlook – MAC

To remove Scripps email account  from Outlook – MAC:

With Outlook client open, go to Outlook Preferences > Accounts > select account > click the ‘-‘ sign at the bottom of the window.

To use the computer lab after graduation please visit the IT office which is located in Steele Hall Basement, room 10.


For more information or assistance, please contact our helpdesk at Help@Scrippscollege.edu, or call 909-607-3406.