Emergency Notification System

Date Updated: April 29th, 2014

All of the Claremont Colleges us an emergency notification system called Connect-ED®. In the event a a number of emergency situations, on campus or nearby that could affect the health, safety and welfare of campus community members, this system is used to transmit brief urgent messages to the Scripps College community as quickly as possible. Messages may issue general warnings, but others may instruct you to either take action such as to evacuate or take shelter.

This system has the capability of notifying employees by email, phone (landline and cellular) and/or with text messages. All employees are requested to keep their emergency notification information up to date. Employees can access the Connect-ED® portal to provide their contact information at http://inside.scrippscollege.edu/emergency/scripps-alert-emergency-contact-information. Your log-in is your Novell ID and password. To ensure that employees are able to receive emergency notifications, it is important that they update your contact information regularly.