Make-up Time

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

Scripps College allows the use of makeup time when non-exempt employees need time off to tend to personal obligations. Makeup time worked will not be paid at an overtime rate. Employees may take time off and then make up the time later in the same workweek, or may work extra hours earlier in the workweek to make up for time that will be taken off later in the workweek. Employees may not work more than 11 hours in a day or 40 hours in a workweek as a result of making up time that was or would be lost due to a personal obligation.

Makeup time requests must be submitted in writing to your supervisor, with your signature, on the College-provided form. Requests will be considered for approval based on the legitimate business needs of the College at the time the request is submitted. A separate written request is required for each occasion the employee requests makeup time.

If you request time off that you will make up later in the week, you must submit your request at least 24 hours in advance of the desired time off.   If you request to work makeup time first in order to take time off later in the week, you must submit your request at least 24 hours before working the makeup time. Your makeup time request must be approved in writing before you take the requested time off or work makeup time, whichever is first.

If you take time off and are unable to work the scheduled makeup time for any reason, the hours missed will normally be unpaid. However, your supervisor may arrange with you another day to make up the time in the same workweek if possible, based on scheduling needs. If you work makeup time in advance of time you plan to take off, you must take that time off, even if you no longer need the time off for any reason.

An employee’s use of makeup time is completely voluntary. Scripps College does not encourage, discourage, or solicit the use of makeup time.