Deductions From Paychecks

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

The College makes deductions from employees’ paychecks that are required by law. These include deductions for FICA (Social Security and Medicare), VDI (Short-Term Disability), and withholding for federal and state income taxes.

Employees also may authorize other voluntary deductions, such as health and/or dental insurance premiums. Pay statements itemize all deductions and provide information regarding employees’ earnings to date. It is available to view and/or print through UltiPro.

During new employee orientation, employees will complete a W-4 form to claim federal and state withholding exemptions. If desired, employees may at a later time change the number of exemptions that they have claimed by completing a new W-4 or DE-4 form. Forms are available in the Office of Human Resources or the HR website.