Overtime (Non-Exempt Employees)

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

Usually your work can be done within regularly scheduled hours. Occasionally, however, because of emergencies or peak-load periods, you may be required to work additional hours.

Only actual hours worked in a given workday or workweek can apply in calculating overtime. Hours paid as paid vacation or paid holidays will not be considered hours worked for the purposes of calculating overtime.

All overtime work must be authorized by a supervisor. Scripps College provides compensation for all overtime hours worked by non-exempt employees in accordance with state and federal law as follows:


  • All hours worked in excess of eight hours in one workday or 40 hours in one workweek will be treated as overtime.
  • Compensation for hours in excess of 40 for the workweek, or in excess of eight and not more than 12 for the workday, and for the first eight hours on the seventh consecutive day of work in one workweek, shall be paid at a rate one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate of pay;
  • Compensation for hours in excess of 12 in one workday and in excess of eight on the seventh consecutive workday in a workweek shall be paid at double the regular rate of pay.