Personnel Records

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

The Scripps College Human Resources Office maintains a personnel file on each employee. You are responsible for reporting any changes in name, home or campus address, telephone number, dependents, etc. to your HR Office. The personnel file includes such information as the employee’s job application, resume, record of training, documentation of performance appraisals, salary increases, and other employment related documents.

Scripps College will restrict disclosure of your personnel file to authorized individuals within the College. Generally, only supervisors and management personnel of the College who have a legitimate reason to review information in a file are allowed to do so. Any request for information contained in personnel files must be directed to the Director of Human Resources. Only the Office of Human Resources is authorized to release information about current or former employees. Disclosure of personnel information to outside sources will be limited. However, Scripps College will cooperate with requests from authorized law enforcement or local, state, or federal agencies conducting official investigations and as otherwise legally required.

You have a right to inspect certain documents in your personnel file, as provided by law, in the presence of a College representative at a mutually convenient time. No copies of documents in your file may be made, with the exception of documents that you have previously signed. You may add your comments to any disputed item in the file.