Staff Grievance Policy

Date Updated: February 16th, 2016

A grievance is a written statement alleging that a decision by the College with respect to the employee was in violation of Scripps College policy, California law, or Federal law. [i] This grievance process is available to employees as a mechanism to resolve alleged violations. This grievance process shall not be used to review the substantive merits of work assignments, performance evaluations, or other discretionary acts or decisions.

Any grievance must be in writing, signed by the staff member, and submitted to the Director of Human Resources within twenty (20) working days of the occurrence which gave rise to the grievance, or within twenty (20) working days of the date the staff member had reason to know of the occurrence.


The written grievance should:

  • Identify the policy or law which is alleged to have been violated,
  • Contain a concise statement of the facts surrounding the grievance, and
  • Set forth the staff member’s desired


Any grievance that does not include these essential elements may be rejected.


Within five (5) working days from receipt of the written grievance, a Human Resources representative will meet with the staff member to discuss the grievance. Within fifteen (15) working days following the initial meeting, the Human Resources Director, or her designee, shall conduct an investigation. Such investigation, in the discretion of the Director of Human Resources, may include (i) additional meetings with the grievant, (ii) meetings with the immediate supervisor and any other individuals whose knowledge or information may assist in in the investigation and resolution of the grievance, and/or (ii) engagement of an outside investigator.

Following the investigation, the Director of Human Resources shall present the investigation and findings to the Divisional Vice President, who shall make the final determination with respect to the grievance. If the Divisional Vice President is the subject of the grievance, the President shall designate an alternate Vice President to hear and decide the grievance. The Human Resources Director will provide the staff member with a written answer within twenty- five (25) working days after submission of the written grievance.

An employee utilizing this grievance procedure may request another employee (except an employee who may be a witness or is the grievant’s immediate supervisor or Divisional Vice President) to attend meetings during the grievance process as a support person. In order to serve as a support person, such employee must acknowledge and agree to the confidentiality obligations associated with the role. An employee’s attendance at a grievance meeting will be held during normal working hours and shall be with pay. Any other time spent in formulating or preparing a grievance shall be done outside the regular work schedule and shall be without compensation.



[i] Complaints of discrimination or harassment are not covered by this Grievance Policy. Such complaints shall be administered under the College’s Discrimination and Harassment Policies.