Resolving Problems

Date Updated: February 16th, 2016

The fundamental success of Scripps College is due in large part to the effectiveness and dedication of our staff. The College’s leadership team encourages staff to contribute to making our workplace the best it can be, and your suggestions for improving Scripps College are always welcome.

The College recognizes that on occasion employees may have a complaint, suggestion, or question about their job, working conditions, or the treatment they are receiving. Good-faith complaints, questions, and suggestions also are of concern to the College.

The first step toward addressing an employee’s concerns is to discuss them with your supervisor. If, after discussion with your supervisor the problem remains, or if you do not feel comfortable raising the matter directly with your direct supervisor, you may discuss the matter with the department head or contact the Director of Human Resources. The College will make a good faith effort to seek informal resolution of a problem brought to the attention of Human Resources through discussion and communication with the individuals involved and with appropriate College officials. The Human Resources Director may suggest mediation or other conflict resolution methods designed to discuss and resolve work-related conflicts. To the extent possible and appropriate, all discussions will remain confidential.

This procedure, which we believe is important for both employees and the College, cannot guarantee that every problem will be resolved to an employee’s satisfaction. Scripps College encourages employees to promptly bring any concerns to its attention. Employees will not be retaliated against for bringing forward a good faith complaint. Employees’ willingness to participate in the resolution of issues will contribute to maintaining a positive, open-door workplace.