Whistleblower Policy (Mysafe Campus)

Date Updated: April 29th, 2012

Scripps College is committed to the highest standard of financial conduct. This policy is designed to enable all of the College’s faculty and staff to report concerns about possible financial misconduct, with reassurance that they will be protected from retaliation for acting in good faith. Reports on financial misconduct would address such issues as accounting discrepancies, fraud, accounting misrepresentations, audit matters, accounting omissions, ethics violations or other financially related matters.

Reports of suspected financial misconduct by Scripps College employees can be made to your supervisor, Human Resources, an officer of the College or directly to the Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Audit Committee will oversee the receipt, retention and resolution of such reports. S/he will work with College Administration and outside advisors to ensure that these reports receive the appropriate attention. Any employee ultimately found to have engaged in financial misconduct is subject to disciplinary action by the College, which may include termination as well as prosecution by appropriate law enforcement authorities.

The protection of employees who submit reports of suspected financial misconduct is an important part of this policy, as is the maintenance of confidentiality, objectivity and independence necessary to resolve complaints appropriately. The Chair of the Audit Committee and the College Administration share responsibility for maintaining these features of this policy, although, depending on the nature of the discipline and subject to legal requirements, this confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

It is a violation of this policy to knowingly make fraudulent allegations of financial misconduct with the intent to cause harm to another individual. Those making such allegations are also subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Since confidentiality is an important part of this policy, the College has contracted with an outside reporting service called MySafeCampus to facilitate the transmission of reports of financial misconduct.