Use of Scripps Communications Systems

Date Updated: April 29th, 2012

It is important to Scripps College that our employees project a professional attitude and

Scripps College and The Claremont Colleges provide computer and communication systems to employees to conduct the Colleges’ business activities. These systems include individual computers provided to employees; associated software; the Colleges’ telephone, voice mail and email systems; centralized computer equipment; and the local and wide-area networks. Although limited personal use of these systems is allowed, subject to important restrictions, use of these systems may not conflict with the primary business purpose for which they have been provided, with the Colleges’ ethical responsibilities, or with applicable laws and regulations.


The Claremont Colleges Policy Regarding Appropriate Use of Campus Computing and Network Resources.   All employees are responsible for reading these guidelines.


The Scripps College Information Technology Department provides hardware, software and user support for academic and administrative computing at the College. An information technology representative may be contacted at the help desk at ext. 73406 or by email at