Punctuality and Attendance

Date Updated: April 29th, 2012

Attendance is a key factor in your job performance. As an employee of Scripps College, you are expected to be punctual and regular in attendance. Tardiness or absenteeism problems can cause problems for your fellow employees and your supervisor. When you are absent, others may be required to perform your assigned work.

If you are unable to report to work on any particular day, you must under all but the most extenuating circumstances call your supervisor at least one hour before you are scheduled to report to work for that day.   In all cases of absence or tardiness, employees must provide their supervisor with an honest reason or explanation. Employees must also inform their supervisor of the expected duration of an absence.   A statement from your health care provider, stating the nature and the expected duration of the absence, may be required for verification of any medical-related absence, regardless of the length of absence.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to determine when an employee’s absenteeism becomes excessive. Excessive absences, unauthorized absences, tardiness, or leaving work early without authorization is not acceptable. This may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The supervisor may consider the following factors to determine excessive absenteeism: total hours lost from work and patterns of attendance (such as before and/or after weekends and holidays, etc.)