Email Distribution Lists

Date Updated: April 29th, 2012

The College has established moderated lists for staff (and students) to announce critical information and/or need to know information. The moderated list for staff is managed by the Office of Human Resources; the list for students is moderated by the Dean of Students Office, Designated members of these offices review submitted messages for each respective group and determine the appropriateness of using the campus email list for a given message. If approved, they send the messages to the list.


To submit a message for consideration of dissemination to staff, send your email to


To submit a message for consideration of dissemination to students, send your email to


Message submissions are reviewed daily, and approved messages are disseminated as quickly as possible.

Since important campus announcements and information are communicated via these lists, employees are permanently subscribed to these lists and may not opt-out.. Please plan ahead to allow adequate time for the moderator to review and approve your submission(s).


The College also provides a community-oriented email distribution list for non-college-related communication.