Dress Code and Other Personal Standards

Date Updated: April 29th, 2012

It is important to Scripps College that our employees project a professional attitude and appearance. These standards convey to visitors and others what they may expect of the College. Accordingly, your dress and demeanor should reflect the Colleges’ high professional standards and expectations. Employees are expected to wear attire appropriate to the office or department in which they work. The College provides required uniforms and mandated personal protective equipment.

In consideration for fellow employees with health problems, the use of liberal doses of fragrance (perfume, hair spray, after-shave lotion and the like) is discouraged in the workplace. Some of your colleagues react to these in the same way that you or others do to bee stings, cut grass, paints, disinfectants, and other chemical substance.

If you have questions regarding appropriate attire, please talk to your immediate supervisor or your Office of Human Resources representative