Victims of Crime Leave

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

All employees who are victims of a violent or serious felony, or felonious theft or embezzlement are eligible for leave in order to attend judicial proceedings related to that crime. Immediate family members, registered domestic partners, and children of registered domestic partners of a victim of such crimes are similarly eligible. An “immediate family member” for purposes of this policy is a spouse, child, stepchild, brother, stepbrother, sister, stepsister, mother, stepmother, father, or stepfather.

You must give advance notice to your supervisor, if feasible, with appropriate documentation. If notice is not feasible, or an unscheduled absence does occur, you must provide appropriate documentation substantiating the need for leave within a reasonable time after the absence. Such documentation includes notice of a scheduled proceeding provided by the relevant agency, or other evidence of a judicial proceeding from a court or government agency, prosecuting attorney’s office or a victim/witness advocate’s office.

Any absence from work to attend judicial proceedings will be unpaid, unless you choose to take paid time off, such as accrued vacation, personal leave time or sick leave.