School Activities Leave

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

Employees are encouraged to participate in the school activities of their children. Parents, guardians, or grandparents having custody of one or more children in kindergarten or grades one to 12 may take time off for a school activity.

The time off for school activity participation cannot exceed eight hours in any calendar month, or a total of 40 hours each school year. Employees planning to take time off for school visitations must provide as much advance notice as possible to their supervisor and must have available vacation pay or personal holidays which they are required to use for this purposes. If both parents are employed by Scripps College, the first employee to request such leave will receive the time off. The other parent will receive the time off only if the leave is approved by his or her supervisor.

Employees may be required to provide their supervisor with documentation from the school verifying that the employee participated in a school activity on the day of the absence for that purpose.