Pregnancy Disability Leave

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

All full-time or part-time female California employees may be eligible for a Pregnancy Disability Leave (“PDL”) as follows:



Employees are entitled to a maximum four (4) month unpaid leave for disabilities due to pregnancy. To the extent permitted by applicable law, for employees who work less than full-time or on alternative work schedules, the maximum amount of leave will be adjusted proportionally.

PDL may not run concurrently with any leave for the birth or placement of a child in foster care under the CFRA. PDL may run concurrently with leave under the FMLA and, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, with any other leave to which the employee is entitled.



Employees who are disabled due to pregnancy may be transferred to a less strenuous position, provided that: (1) the employee requests a transfer; (2) the transfer is medically necessary; and (3) Scripps College can reasonably accommodate the transfer.


Leave Notice

Employees must provide at least thirty (30) days’ advance notice before a PDL or transfer is to begin, if the need for the leave or transfer is foreseeable. If the need for a PDL or transfer is not foreseeable, employees must give notice as soon as practicable.


Medical Certification

Employees requesting a PDL must provide a medical certification from their attending physician. The certification must include the date the disability began, the probable duration of the disability, and a statement that the disability renders the employee unable to perform one or more of the essential functions of her position.



Scripps College will continue the employee’s insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as was provided while the employee was working. The employee will still be responsible for the same premiums for her insurance benefits as if she were at work. If the employee is on an unpaid leave of absence, she will need to send a check to the Office of Human Resources for her portion of the premium within the first five (5) days of each month. Failure to make timely payments may result in termination of coverage.

The maximum length of time that Scripps College will continue the employee’s insurance coverage during any leave of absence is 12 months. At that time, the employee will receive notice of her right to continue medical benefits through COBRA. Employees who elect to continue benefits through COBRA will be required to pay all applicable COBRA premiums to continue such benefits.

If the employee fails to return to work at the expiration of the leave, Scripps College will consider her to have voluntarily resigned and may recover the premium cost Scripps College incurred during the leave, unless she does not return due to a serious health condition or circumstances beyond her control. If the employee returns to work for less than thirty (30) days following a PDL, Scripps College may recover the premium cost it incurred to maintain the benefits during the period the employee was on leave.   Pregnancy Disability Leave is unpaid; however, employees must use accrued and available sick leave during the leave. An employee on PDL may (but need not) use any accrued vacation days while on PDL in lieu of unpaid leave status. While the employee is on an unpaid leave, vacation and personal days will not accrue and the employee will not be eligible for holiday pay.



To the extent required by applicable law, Scripps College will reinstate an employee returning from a Pregnancy Disability Leave to the same position or to a comparable position.