Leaves of Absence-General

Date Updated: August 21st, 2017

Scripps College may grant leaves of absence to employees in certain circumstances. Request any leave in writing as far in advance as possible, keep in touch with your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources during your leave, and give prompt notice of any change in your anticipated return date. If your leave expires and you fail to return to work without contacting your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources, the College will assume that you do not plan to return and that you have terminated your employment. Outside employment during an authorized College leave of absence is prohibited unless approved by the College. During a leave of absence, your Scripps email will be suspended and reinstated upon return.

Please note: The features, qualifications, eligibility criteria, and terms of family and medical leave and other disability related leaves of absence are extremely complex. The information given in this handbook is intended to provide you only with a general overview of these policies. If you require a leave of absence, you should contact the Director of Human Resources who can advise you on your specific circumstances.