Vacation Accrual

Date Updated: July 29th, 2017

Accrual of paid vacation time is available only to regular employees who are regularly scheduled to work half time or more. Employees regularly scheduled to work less than half time per week, and temporary and occasional employees, do not earn vacation. Vacation time does not accrue during a leave of absence.

Your vacation schedule must be approved by your supervisor in advance. If a vacation period includes a paid holiday, that holiday will not be counted as a vacation day.

Vacation is earned on a daily basis, beginning on the date of hire. The following chart shows the vacation accrual rates for regular full-time employees. Regular part-time employees who are regularly scheduled to work half time or more earn vacation at pro-rated rates.

The “vacation accrual cap,” that is, the maximum number of vacation days that regular status, full time employee may accrue, is 36 days (288 hours). The vacation accrual cap is pro-rated for eligible part-time employees. Once an employee’s accrual reaches the vacation accrual cap, further vacation accrual ceases until some vacation time is used and the available time has been reduced to an amount below the vacation accrual cap. Upon termination of employment, you will be paid for your accrued but unused vacation