Short Term Disability Benefits (VDI) and Use of Paid Sick Leave Before Unpaid Leave

Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

Although FMLA/CFRA, PDL, and other disability leaves are generally unpaid, employees who require time off for their own serious health condition or disability may be eligible for Short-Term Disability (“VDI benefits”) through the College’s short term disability plan. In such case, the employee’s available sick leave must be coordinated with VDI benefits to approximate the employee’s regular earnings.

VDI payments do not begin until an employee has been absent from work for 5 calendar days. During this waiting period, an employee’s accrued and available sick leave must be used.   Employees who do not have available sick leave may elect to use accrued vacation during this waiting period. Available vacation and/or personal holiday benefits may be coordinated with VDI benefits at the employee’s option.

Employees must take accumulated and unused paid sick leave when they are absent from work due to their own illness, injury or disability. Employees must exhaust all paid sick leave before taking any unpaid absences.

An employee’s total benefits from all sources may not exceed 100% of his or her pre-disability earnings.