Date Updated: May 9th, 2012

Upon an employee’s eligibility date, Scripps College will contribute an amount equal to 12 percent of their base pay to an account in their name every month. Employees may invest their account funds among an array of investment options offered by the College. Employees make no contributions to this account and are immediately vested in this account. Employees will be contacted by the Office of Human Resources or retirement services representative who will invite them to attend a retirement plan orientation when they become eligible for participation.

Also, Scripps College offers eligible employees the opportunity to participate in a supplemental retirement plan immediately upon employment with the College. This option enables eligible employees to contribute more to their retirement account, through payroll deduction, and it offers a variety of Tax Deferred Accounts (TDA).

Employees’ rights can be determined by referring to the full text of the plan documents, which are available from the Office of Human Resources and The Claremont Colleges Benefits Administration Office.