Onboarding at Scripps College

Scripps’ Human Resources staff is very excited to have a new onboarding system.

As an organization we recognize the importance of a well-defined onboarding process that will enable new employees to become quickly acclimated to the College, the community, colleagues, and their position.

We have cultivated processes that will positively impact employee satisfaction and increase each new employee’s engagement by providing them with a positive onboarding experience. Our ultimate goal is to implement an efficient and effective onboarding process so that every new hire is seamlessly integrated into the organization.

The new process includes the following:

  • New Employee Onboarding Checklist: A tool for managers that will establish to a process to ensure new employees are brought on in a streamlined fashion.
  • Mentor Program: A new employee’s onboarding is greatly enhanced by assigning a mentor within the department. This is a fellow employee (other than the manager) who provides advice and guidance on the different aspects of working within the department and division.
  • Buddy Program: A fellow employee outside of the new employee’s department that will serve as a cultural liaison and support.
  • The Claremont Colleges: This guide contains information regarding the history of Claremont Colleges, the Colleges today, and things to do around the Claremont Colleges.
  • New to California: This guide that helps those that have relocated from another state. Employees will find this as a resource guide that covers everything from utilities, communities, vehicle registration, and road trips.
  • New to Claremont: This guide was created to help those that new to the area and maybe commuting or relocating from another area of California. This guide has been designed especially for those that are new to Claremont and are not familiar with nearby resources such as post office, hospitals, department of motor vehicles and social security office.