Tuition Remission Policy

Policy Number: 300.001.02
Approved by: Senior Staff
Effective Date: revised May 1, 2012

Scripps College offers a tuition benefit program for employees and/or their dependent children to complete their undergraduate degree.


Scripps College offers a tuition benefit program for full time faculty and staff and qualifying part time staff (part time staff members who are regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week for at least 9 months per year). Employees become eligible for this program after one year of employment based on the employee’s original date of hire at Scripps College. The program has two tuition remission programs, one for employees and one for dependent children of employees.


Tuition Benefit Plan for Employees

Undergraduate Study

Full tuition payment is made for enrollment in courses offered at the Claremont Colleges or at other eligible colleges and universities. This benefit will be limited to courses leading to a Bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Study

The College will provide employee tuition remission for graduate study at an accredited institution for courses leading to the graduate degree that is related to the employee’s duties at Scripps College. The employee’s Vice President must approve the request prior to commencement of the program.

Tuition Benefit Plan for Dependent Children

For dependent children of full time employees, the available benefit is payment for half tuition for enrollment in an undergraduate degree program up to, but not to exceed, one half of the current tuition charge at Scripps. The tuition payment for dependent children of eligible part time employees is calculated on a pro rata basis. (see definitions below for clarification) The maximum benefit for each dependent child is eight semesters, twelve quarters, or 120 units, whichever the attended institution accepts as its minimum graduation requirement.

Employee on Short-term or Long-term Disability

Continuation of eligibility for tuition remission benefits depends upon the length of the employee’s continuous Scripps employment before the employee became disabled:

Retirement from Scripps College and Dependent Tuition Remission

Should an eligible staff or faculty member retire from the College, any dependent child who would otherwise be eligible for tuition remission had the employee remained employed will remain eligible for benefits under this policy for not more than five years from the staff or faculty member’s retirement date. Although this extension will help children not yet enrolled in college at the time of the staff or faculty member’s retirement, tuition remission will not continue beyond the maximum five year period from the retirement date.

Death of an Eligible Employee

If a Scripps College staff or faculty member dies, whether tuition remission benefits accrue for the surviving dependent children shall be determined based upon the employee’s length of service with the College.


Approved 8/1991
Revision 4/30/12