Annual Staff Recognition Awards

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce this year’s Staff Recognition Award Program. These awards honor eligible staff members who have made recognizable contributions to Scripps College. This is an opportunity to nominate and recognize your colleagues. Awards will be presented at the upcoming Staff Appreciation lunch on Tuesday, May 21.

Please note: nominations are due to Human Resources by April 26, 2019.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Regular-status staff employees of Scripps College who have been employees of the College for at least three (3) years are eligible to be nominated by faculty, staff and students.
  • Staff employees who have received the Outstanding Contribution Award in the last five (5) years are not eligible to receive this award in 2018.
  • The President, members of Senior Staff and the Director of Human Resources are not eligible to receive Outstanding Contribution Awards and may not provide nominations for this award.

Award Criteria

Award recipients will be selected using one or more of the following criteria:

  • Contributions to the work place: Employee has made outstanding contributions to the work place and department. In addition to performing their job duties with excellence, s/he also takes initiative and goes above and beyond in his or her contributions and has gained the respect and admiration of supervisors/peers.
  • Contributions to the larger community: Employee has made outstanding contributions to the “spirit of community” of the College or to The Claremont Colleges’ greater community and promotes an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation.
  • Contributions to one’s area of expertise: Employee has made noticeable contributions in his/her professional or technical area of expertise.
  • Taking initiative: Employee has identified, suggested, or taken initiative to improve quality and/or efficiency of College operations or programs. Employee may also have planned effectively for successful implementation and long-term success of new services.


    • Staff, faculty and students who wish to nominate staff employees, will prepare letters of recommendation based upon the above criteria and forward the letters to the Director of Human Resources.
    • Senior Staff will review all nominations and select awardees. The Senior Staff includes the President, the VP Business Affairs/Treasurer, the VP/Dean of Faculty, the VP Institutional Advancement, the VP for Enrollment, VP/ Dean of Students, the Chief Marketing and Communications Office, the Executive Assistant to the President, Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees. Awards will be presented at the annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

Past Recipients

Junelyn Peeples
Pat Bostock_Smith
Kathy Talton-Wilson
Jan-Michael Hernandez
Joe Chavez
Deb Gisvold
Robert Escobar
Crystal Jones
Jacquelyn Legazcue

Rebecca Ackley
Lyanne Dominguez
Christian Antecon
Elizabeth Cundiff
Dorothy Royse
Rob Van Riel
Michele Palstring
Anna-Marie Wood

Alane Caldwell
Mirna Ornelas
Leticia Munoz
Diana Fortelny
Diane Holmes
Dorienne Brewster
Eleana Zeits
Molly Olecki

Jonathan Magley
Maria Mongalo
Lupe Rojas
Richard Valmonte
Kathy Castro
Sam Haynes
Kristen McInnis
Christine Cunanan

Ron Friedman
Messina Zurbuch
Michael Baker
Deborah Averette
Selina Okeyo
Victor Huerta
Betty Sandoval

Denise Grosjean
Soon Lim
Sarah Ramsey
Rhonda Risser
Carolyn Robles
Irene Terrazas
Amperia Torres Ermosillo
Lola Trafecanty
Teresa Valdez

Neva Barker
Teresa Diaz
Ramon Estrada
Adrienne Gibson
Kelly Hewitt
Marge Kligerman
Alejandra Nogueron-Gonzalez
Velda Ross

Copeland Andrews
Rebecca (Becky) Ballinger
Cynthia Dwyer
Christina Kelly
Terri King-Washington
Mary Jo Palmer
Maria Sanchez
Margaret (Meg) Vall

Santiago Avila
Maria Barrera
Carol Carter
Rosa Diaz
Diane Evano
Patricia Guenther-Gleason
Gregory Jackson
Leticia Martinez