Tiernan Field House Health and Wellness

The Tiernan Field House Health and Wellness program seeks to promote health, wellness and safety among the Scripps College community.



Our outreach includes:

  • Certified Peer Health Educator Team (Meet them!)
  • Health Workshops and Events
  • Student Training
  • Resources on health topics such as nutrition, alcohol, sexual and reproductive health, stress management, mental health, body image

For more information, or to reserve a wellness presentation, contact Jen Shipley, visit room 103 in the Tiernan Field House, or call 909-607-8805!

To request the Health and Wellness team to present or collaborate, please fill out the program request form

 Health Links

Physical Activity

Healthy Relationships


Alcohol Use

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Mental Health  

Birth Control


Sexual Assault

Sex, Gender and Sexuality resources

Stress Management