Peer Health Educators

Meet your Peer Health Educator Team!

We as Peer Health Educators strive to help all students find their best selves in college, with information on healthy eating, regular exercise, stress relief, sexual or mental health. As certified Peer Health Educators, we work with students on an individual and a group level to share the facts and benefits of knowing your body and your needs. We’re here for you at the Field House and around campus; no question should be left unasked!

Our goals: Our goals include an increase in knowledge of the impact of diet, lifestyle, physical activity, stress, substances, sleep and mental health on living well. We would like to promote health and wellness at Scripps, by developing programs focusing on:
• Nutrition
• Sexual health
• Alcohol
• Substance use
• Stress management
• Sleep
• Body image

We hope to foster an environment of learning, safety, and fun. Our team will be creating a library of health and wellness presentations to be used by the community for trainings or events. Next semester, we will begin holding office hours, where students can meet with PHE’s to discuss health or wellness concern to get the right resources.

Interested in getting involved or having Peer Health Educators attend your event or speak to your group? Contact Angela Armijo at!



Raquel Selcer ’17, Sexual Health Peer Health Educator

My name is Raquel Selcer. I’m a junior Human Biology major and am particularly interested in Public Health as it relates to identity, more specifically gender identity, and the experiences of Latinas. I’m also a foreign language minor and will be studying abroad in Mexico next semester, so I’m excited to get programing going for this semester! I play many roles on campus and hope I can combine them with being a Peer Health Educator at the Field House. I’m part of family leadership (Scripps’ Queer-Allied Student Union), and I am also an OWL manager (so stay tuned for rock climbing and outdoor trips!).  Additionally I’m a Core 1 mentor and volunteer at Pomona Valley Hospital so please feel free to contact me if you have questions about any of the groups I’m a part of. I’m a Peer Health Educator at the Tiernan Field House because think health and wellness as well as critical open discussions about what health and wellness look like for individuals are important and often overlooked and undervalued in our society. I’m very excited to be a part of shaping and discovering how we at Scripps can better support each other.


Helen Thomason ’18, Body Positivity and ATOD Peer Health Educator

My name is Helen Thomason and I am a second-year at Scripps College. I live right outside of Chicago, so I am happy to be back in the Claremont sunshine! Right now I am thinking about majoring in Neuroscience and am on a pre-med track. I am also interested in disability studies as well as youth development and psychology. On campus, I play water polo for CMS, tutor for the Scripps College Academy, and am a part of the NSP Peer Mentor team. I am also a part of a patient advocacy program at City of Hope, a cancer-research medical center in Duarte. I am a member of the Peer Health Educator team at the Tiernan Field House because I believe that health and wellness play a key role in academic success and self-improvement. I want to help address health related issues specific to Scripps students so we can continue to build a supportive community on campus.


Elizabeth Galvan ’19, Mental Health Peer Health Educator

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Galvan and I am a first-year here at Scripps. I was born in Los Angeles, but I’ve lived in Renton, Washington for most of my life, so it’s nice to return back to my roots. I am an intended psychology major with a minor in writing. I was interested in taking up the position of becoming a Peer Health Educator because providing insight and help to others is what I live for. I plan on becoming a psychologist, so health and overall well-being are great interests of mine. I love making a difference in the lives of others, so I can’t wait to do so as a part of the Peer Health Educator team here on campus.


Caroline Joyce ’16, Nutrition/Physical Activity and ATOD Peer Health Educator

I’m a Psychology major in my senior year at Scripps. Originally I’m from Wellesley, MA so have really appreciated the four years of warmth! My interests include women’s health, exercise—especially running—and the nutritional needs that come from leading an active lifestyle. I’m very excited to be a peer health educator and get to explore, and discuss, these topics more in depth. I’m also a research assistant in a lab on campus, one of the Co-Presidents of Psi Chi, and a member of Scripps Advocates for Survivors of Sexual Assault. In my free time I’m usually running, vegan baking, or hanging at the Motley with a book.


Mattie Bono ’19, Nutrition/Physical Activity Peer Health Educator

I’m Mattie Bono, and I’m a first year here at Scripps; I’m originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. At Scripps I hope to be inovled in many organizations including Mock Trial, Farm Club, Environmental Club, Student Government and some yet to be discovered. I’m passionate about making a difference, and being a Peer Health Educator is a great vessel through which I can accomplish serious goals. I’m excited to be a part of such a fantastic group!