Green Fitness Facility

Through the leadership of our professional staff, the field house contributes to Green Fitness Facilities and Healthy Bodies.

  • Winterize pool  from  November to March –  energy conservation
  • Use Sunlight 12 hours per day (natural light)
  • Replaced standard light bulbs with induction florescent, decrease energy use 35-40%
  • Installed flooring on the second level made of recycled tires
  • Functional Equipment (yoga mats, bosu/stability balls)
    • Clean PVC, closed-cell vinyl and 100% eco friendly poly fiber.
    • Meet the CPSIA 2011 Compliant materials list which contain no cadmiums, pthalates or lead/heavy metals.
    • Composed of carbon and hydrogen referred to as thermal plastic elastomer or TPE. 100% latex free.
  • Purchased Self Powered Ellipticals to use 85% less electricity.
  • Installed (3) Water Bottle filtered water stationsto support ‘clean water’ and personal water bottles vs. plastic bottles
  • We are participants in the Nike Re Use program. We have recycled over 2000 athletic shoes recycled since 2008.
  • Purchase equipment from Eco Friendly Vendors. Products are from a Zero Impact Program. Every time one of these products is purchased, a tree is planted in an effort to offset the environmental effects of the manufacturing and transportation.
  • 150 Bikes Recycled to support the Green Bike Program – Day Rentals and Semester Loan.
  • The care and maintenancesupported with disinfectants and green cleaning supplies.
  • Bermuda grass reduces watering and maintenance costs during hibernation.