Fellowships and Scholarships

Although there are many different undergraduate and graduate awards in various disciplinary fields and many other specialized grants, Scripps College Associate Dean of the Faculty Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert is available to advise students concerning major national and international fellowships and awards.

For daily information and updates follow @Scrfellowships on Twitter! Leave comments or pictures about current projects and, or find up to date information and opportunities.

Celebrate Summer Research Students

Come and join this Wednesday, September 13th at Scripps Tea in Seal court as we celebrate our summer research students! Arthur Vining Davis interns, Esterly, Johnson, and Mellon fellowship award winners will display their work and answer questions about their summer research.


Fulbright and Watson Webinars:

For upcoming Fulbright essay webinar click here.

For Watson webinar, click here.

Senior Thesis Funding Available

Check out the Scripps College Senior Thesis Funding sponsored by the Hearst Foundation.

Upcoming Due Dates:

Mellon Undergraduate Research –  Sunday, September 17

Scripps Environmental Analysis – Sunday, September 17

Hearst – Sunday, September 17

Lori Bettison Varga Fund – Sunday, September 17

Fulbright – Friday, September 22nd by noon. For Fulbright questions, email Fulbright@Scrippscollege.edu

Watson – Monday, September 25th             *Please email Associate Dean of Faculty Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert right away if you are planning to apply


Looking for help writing your proposal or final report?

Visit the Scripps Writing Center! For additional Scholarship resources provided by the Financial Aid office please visit the Financial Aid Scholarship page.

Student Opportunities

Opportunities by class year: