A Coordinated Response

Emergencies, disasters and accidents can happen at any time and without warning. Even though we cannot always anticipate or prevent them, we can mitigate their effects through proper preparation. Scripps College is prepared to respond to emergency situations through its active College-wide Emergency Operations Plan. The College practices this plan through emergency drills and tabletop exercises to ensure that our preparations are continually refined and improved.

Our emergency response procedures include coordination with the other Claremont Colleges for outside resources and information from the City of Claremont, and Los Angeles County fire and law enforcement.

Scripps College, along with the other Claremont Colleges, subscribes to a mass notification system that is designed to alert our students, faculty and staff by email, phone and/or with text messages in the event of a campus emergency. In addition, the College has installed broadcast speakers placed strategically throughout the campus grounds to strengthen our communication for outdoor areas.

Our emergency communications plan also includes regular updates on the College’s website and on the emergency telephone line, which is independent of the campus telephone network: (877) 449-4482. For parents, alumnae, and others who have subscribed to their respective Scripps College e-mail distribution list, electronic updates also will be provided.

While Scripps has devoted considerable resources to planning and preparing for emergencies, we also encourage all students, faculty and staff to take responsibility for their own preparedness by knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency situation and taking the necessary precautions to maximize their safety.