Water Conservation at Scripps College

The Department of Grounds uses a central irrigation system which automatically adjusts irrigation schedules based on evapotranspiration rates. Flow sensors in systems alert the department of major irrigation line breaks.

Scripps Grounds worked with the student organized, Water Task Force on irrigation audits.

Low water use promotional stickers were placed throughout the Residence Halls to promote less times in showers, turning water off while brushing teeth, and simply conserving water as best as possible.

Water Fountains-as feasible due to college events and summer conferences, will be emptied during the summer months.

Fridays is an irrigation focus day for staff to tend to problems prior to the weekends.

Several areas such as Margaret Fowler Garden, Vita Nova courtyard and Chandler walk have been upgraded to drip system planters.

Dry wells were placed during drainage improvements of 2005 which allow water to percolate into groundwater versus down the drain.

Permeable surfaces and sand set pavers are used for the purpose of recharging the ground water as well.

Lawns are mowed biweekly to promote deeper root growth; therefore, requiring less watering.