Scripps College Moving Allowance Policy

Policy Number: 300.003.02
Effective Date: March 2010
Revised: January 2014

Scripps College provides reasonable moving assistance for new faculty and certain exempt staff hires. “Moving” is defined as the transport of a new employee and her/his household expenses and personal effects from their point of origin to a place of residence in Southern California.


Moving allowances may be available in the offer of employment for nationally recruited positions.


Moving expenses for faculty positions are approved by the Vice President/Dean of Faculty and/or President; moving expenses for staff positions must be approved prior to the candidate offer by the Director of Human Resources, VP/Dean of Faculty, and/or President. The VP/Dean of Faculty and the Director of Human Resources will utilize their recruitment budget for reasonable moving expenses as defined below.


Moving allowances are based on distance and household. The moving allowance must be a pre-determined, fixed amount and must be outlined in the candidate’s offer letter and contract, if any, providing approval has been obtained. Scripps will audit expenses against relocation agreements, and employees must document receipted expenses for claimed reimbursement.

The minimum number of miles for the purpose of providing a prospective employee a moving allowance is 50 miles, in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Qualified Moving Expenses

The IRS guidelines on qualified non-taxable moving expenses and other related information on moving expenses may be found in Publication 521 here.


Faculty must submit original receipts or other original documentation to the VP/Dean of Faculty Office for reimbursement; exempt staff must submit original receipts or other original documentation to the Director of Human Resources. Original receipts must be provided within 30 days of completion of the move. A request for check (RFC) must be approved by the VP or Director authorizing the reimbursement. A copy of the contract must be attached to the RFC. Any reimbursed expenses considered taxable will be reported to the IRS as taxable compensation.

Exceptions to this policy may be made by the President of the College, recognizing that any exception may be taxable to the employee.

Additional Information

Individuals receiving the benefit of relocation and moving expenses should be aware of any personal income tax implications and should consult a tax professional with personal tax questions.

Scripps is not responsible for property damage or injury that occurs in accordance with a move under this policy.