Policy on Interior Space Painting

Policy Number: 400.001.01
Effective Date: April 2011
Revised: January 2014


Each campus building has a specifically approved color palate, taking into consideration the type of building, its use, its current color palate, and future options regarding flooring and fabric, to maintain the design integrity of the College.


Scripps College has award winning buildings and grounds and we want to maintain the integrity of furnishing to building finishes.


Offices are painted on an as-needed basis, or as a department, floor, or building as recommended by the Campus Maintenance Department and/or approved capital request. The painting will be executed by the Campus Maintenance Department or its approved contractor.


When an office is vacated, the Campus Maintenance Department assesses the space and makes fiscally responsible recommendations about which walls need to be painted.
If it has not been painted within the last ten years, the entire space will be painted. Otherwise, only the walls that require patching will be painted. At the time of the assessment, if the new occupant would like to have one colored accent wall, it will be chosen according to the color palate of the building. All other walls will be the white typical of that building.

Exceptions to this policy include the interior walls of the Student Union and the walls in the basements of student residence halls. SAS should have its own process/agreement for painting murals in the Student Union; each student residence hall should have its own process/agreement for painting murals on the basement walls.