Investment Office

The Investment office serves as staff support to the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees, providing coordination between the Investment Committee, the administration, investment managers, and the external auditors with regard to the investment of the College’s endowment funds. The office participates in the formulation of investment strategy and policies, monitors, reviews, and analyzes the College’s investment program, and provides analytical portfolio and performance measurement to the Board. The office reviews and maintains all control and accounting for these assets and their integration into the College’s reporting and accounting requirements.

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Meet the Investment Staff

Diane Holmes
Associate Vice President for Business Affairs/Assistant Treasurer

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Paul Kalush
Senior Accountant

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Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Scripps College endowment?
A: The Scripps endowment is part of a long term investment pool, made up of gifts to the College. The funds are held in perpetuity and the income generated supports the operating budget of the college, supporting scholarships for students, academic programs and salaries for faculty and staff.

Q: How large is the Scripps endowment?
A: As at June 30, 2013 the market value of the endowment was $282.3 million, and the investments of the college totaled $308.3 million

Q: What percentage of Scripps’ operating budget does the endowment fund?
A: In fiscal year 2013, the endowment’s payout covered approximately 22% of the operating expenses.

Q: What is Scripps’ spending policy?
A: Our spending policy is generally computed as 5% of a 20 quarter moving average of the endowment’s market value.

Q: What have been the investment returns?
A: As at June 30, 2013 the one year return net of fees was 11.54%. Our 3, 5 and 10 year average annual returns were 9.75%, 3.75% and 8.69% respectively.

Q: Who manages the endowment?
A: The investment committee of the Board of Trustees is responsible for implementing and overseeing the investments made by the College pursuant to its investment policy. To fulfil its oversight obligations, the Board of Trustees engages professional investment counselors to assist the Investment Committee and staff to manage the oversight of a portfolio of money managers, who invest the funds in various investment vehicles.

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