Campus and Facilities Use Policy

Policy Number: 400.003.03
Revised: January 1996
Revised: January 2014


This document establishes guidelines for the use of campus facilities by outside parties.


The facilities, grounds, and equipment of Scripps College exist primarily to serve and support the education of Scripps students. It is therefore important that all uses of the campus, whether by members of the Scripps community—students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumnae—by members of The Claremont Colleges, or by other individuals or organizations from outside communities are consistent with the responsibility to preserve and maintain the campus in support of College programs and activities and its educational mission.

It is important to Scripps College that its facilities, grounds, and/or equipment be made available to outside parties from time to time because: (a) the College wishes to provide a public service, and/or (b) such use provides an important public relations function which enhances the visibility of the College regionally or nationally, and/or (c) such use provides the College with desired revenues and maximizes use of campus facilities beyond that of the normal academic year.


The following guidelines shall guide all contract uses of Scripps College facilities, grounds and equipment:

  1. It is understood that the grounds, facilities, and equipment of Scripps College are the property of the College as a whole, not of individual offices or departments, and as such may be available for use to non-Scripps constituencies for clearly specified and delimited purposes.
  1. Responsibility for scheduling classrooms, studios, conference rooms, courtyards, galleries, lawns, and gardens at the College lies with the Office of the Registrar, which manages the computer-based facilities management program. Exceptions to this include the Williamson Gallery, Clark Humanities Museum, and residence hall spaces. Scheduling the Gallery and Museum are the responsibility of the Art History Department, and residence hall spaces are assigned by the Dean of Students Office during the academic year. Discretion will be used to avoid scheduling events with potentially conflicting purposes or needs in adjacent or nearby facilities, e.g., indoor and outdoor music events in Balch auditorium simultaneously with Elm Tree or Bowling Green Lawns.Private spaces such as office spaces of faculty (including Music faculty office/studios), the Faculty Computing Lab, residence hall spaces during the academic year, staff offices, and public spaces are generally not available.
  1. The Office of Marketing and Communication has the authority to allow outside parties to use portions of the Scripps campus, facilities, and/or equipment. During the summer months, the Office of Marketing and Communication reserves various spaces including residence spaces for conference groups, weddings, and other events.Use of any campus facility for photo shoots, movies, etc., is only available with the express permission of the Office of Marketing and Communication.
  1. The Scripps College Performing Arts Center (PAC) is primarily for use by the College for its own convocations, assemblies, and instructional programs, which includes guest lecturers, guest performers, film, performance space for the College Dance and Music departments, and classroom, rehearsal, and practice facilities for academic purposes. From time to time, the College may agree to provide this space for use by other Claremont Colleges. In addition, the College may agree to provide designated spaces in the PAC to local, educational, non-college-related organizations. Finally, areas of the PAC may be available for other uses, following a proper procedure of request, review and consideration, and the granting of permission. For all uses of the PAC, with the exception of the College’s own internal use, the appropriate expenses and rental fees will be charged to the user.The Office of Marketing and Communication has the authority to allow outside parties to use portions of the Performing Arts Center, generally at a fee. Requests must be in writing to the Office of Marketing and Communication.
  1. Use by outside parties of Scripps facilities, grounds, and equipment during the academic year is allowed, as long as it does not interfere with regular academic or residential life activities. If occasion should arise when an outside group requests, for instance, the use of an auditorium during a weekend, the Office of Marketing and Communication shall confer with the Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, and/or Office of the Registrar (as applicable) to ensure that there will be no conflict with any academic or student life function.Likewise, rental or other use of Scripps facilities, grounds, and equipment shall not interfere with academic programs or other activities which occur during the summer months. Examples of such summer usage would include the Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program conducted in Keck Science Center, regular maintenance or upgrades of computing equipment, and summer projects on any part of the Scripps campus. The Office of Marketing and Communication will coordinate carefully with the Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, Director of Facilities, and Director of Grounds to ensure that conference activities do not impede any scheduled College maintenance or other work.
  1. Rental of College equipment such as musical instruments, computers, audio visual, or other, is permitted provided that contractual arrangements with renting parties clearly delineate the financial responsibility for repair and replacement of any equipment damaged. Any repair or replacement of equipment or facilities necessitated by damage which occurs as a result of rental of campus property will be paid by the insurance of the renting party.Prior to establishing a contractual arrangement which includes use of College equipment, the Office of Marketing and Communication will confer with the appropriate party to ensure that College policies pertinent to the equipment in question are observed. The Office of Marketing and Communication will coordinate with the appropriate department (e.g. Music, Academic Computing) regarding the intended use of such equipment, the nature and duration of use, etc. prior to completing a contractual arrangement with a conference group.
  1. Fee schedules pertaining to the use of campus spaces should be reviewed and approved by the Treasurer annually.