Bicycle Registration

Bicycle Registration and Parking Policy

All bikes that are used, stored, or parked on the Scripps College campus must be registered with the College. Bikes may be registered at the Tiernan Field House. There is no charge for this service, and a sticker will be issued upon completion of the registration form. Please bring your Scripps identification card. Tiernan Field House hours are posted online.

The registration sticker must be visibly placed on the bike at the back of the seat shaft (example: Scripps College Registered Bicycle XXXXXX).

In the event that you wish to transfer your bike to another student or donate your bike to Tiernan Field House Bike Program, please stop by the field house to make the appropriate arrangements.

Unregistered bikes will have their locks or chains cut, at the owner’s expense, and will be impounded. Impounded bicycles that remain unclaimed for a period of six months or more will be donated to a worthy cause. The College takes no responsibility for damage to or theft of bikes while on campus. Bikes may only be parked in bike sheds and bike racks. It is most important that all handrails and all handicapped access points be kept clear. Any bikes left in locations other than designated areas will be removed at the owner’s expense. Bikes impounded, for any reason, during the six-month grace period may be recovered by contacting the Facilities Department at 909-607-2541.