Key Policy

Policy Number: 400.002.02 
Approved by: Senior Staff
Revised: September 30, 2013

To maintain campus key control for faculty, staff, students, and other authorized personnel.


Many campus buildings have key cards/swipe access, but individual offices and some main entrances require a physical key to gain access outside of normal work hours.


Responsibility: Primary responsibility for controlling keys shall rest with the Campus Maintenance Office and will include the following:

  • Issuing
  • Record keeping/inventory
  • Duplicating
  • Assessing reimbursement costs and billing
  • Re-keying

Authorization: Authorization for key issuance shall be granted in conjunction with the Campus Maintenance Office as follows:

  • Students – Dean of Students
  • Staff – Vice President/Treasurer
  • Faculty – Dean of Faculty
  • Summer Residents – Assistant Director of Public Events

These individuals may further delegate this responsibility provided such delegation is in writing with copy to the Vice President of Business Affairs/Treasurer.

Accountability: Authorizing parties (Campus Maintenance, Dean of Students, Dean of Faculty, Vice President/Treasurer, and Assistant Director of Public Events) shall be accountable, in the following manner, for all keys they directly issue:

  • Issue (Campus Maintenance)
  • Immediate reporting of lost keys (key holder)
  • Re-keying (Campus Maintenance)
  • Campus Maintenance Office has shared responsibility with the Dean of Students Office for the retrieval of student keys upon departure from the College.
  • Dean of Faculty Office is responsible for the retrieval of faculty keys upon termination or extended leave from the College.
  • Assistant Director of Public Events is responsible for retrieval of keys issued to summer conference groups.
  • Human Resources Office is responsible for retrieval of staff keys upon termination or extended leave from the College.
  • Assessing reimbursement costs and billing (Campus Maintenance)

Replacement/Duplication: Keys shall be duplicated and/or replaced by the Campus Maintenance Office as follows:

  • Keys will be replaced with return of broken or damaged key at no cost.
  • Lost/missing keys must be replaced. Re-keying for an employee is charged to the employee’s department; re-keying for a student is charged to the student.

Master Keys: Lock boxes with master keys to facilities under supervisor’s authority are maintained in the following areas:

  • BA/Treasurer’s Office
  • Campus Maintenance
  • Campus Safety
  • Dean of Faculty Office
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Office of Information Technology
  • President’s Office
  • Registrar’s Office

Campus Safety: Campus Safety office will be issued one full set of building master keys.

  • Annual review of these master keys will be requested by the Campus Maintenance office.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Campus Safety permit access to master keys to students.

Lockouts: The following parties provide access for lockouts during normal business hours:

  • For students – Dean of Students Office
  • For faculty – Faculty Administrative Assistants
  • For staff – Supervising VP or delegate

During normal business hours the Campus Maintenance office will provide backup access, if the aforementioned parties are not available.

After hours and weekends the Campus Safety Office will provide access for lockouts under the following circumstances:

  • Staff/Faculty may be let into their private office with permission from the on-call Dean or person responsible for the building.
  • Students may be let into their residence hall room with official College ID and verification from the Dispatch Center’s database. (*note: During the academic year, Resident Advisors may provide access for student lockouts between the hours of 5:00pm and midnight; after midnight, Campus Safety should be contacted.)
  • Staff/faculty/students may be let into a classroom or common area after hours, with permission from the on-call Dean, if they have left an item in that facility. The officer must wait while that person retrieves his/her belongings and lock up after they vacate the premises.
  • Access by students to any academic or administrative office or building outside of normal business hours will be allowed only with prior written permission. Such permission must be signed by the authorizing party appropriate to the space (i.e., President, Vice President/Treasurer, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, or Assistant Director of Public Events). Exceptions are those areas which have scheduled academic functions; in which case, confirmation of reservation will be accepted.

Charges for Campus Safety services incurred by a student are the responsibility of the student receiving service, paid by check or billed to the student’s account. Charges for Campus Safety services incurred by staff or faculty are the responsibility of the respective departments.

A picture ID must be shown prior to allowing access to any of the above.

Facilities Key Checkout: CUC Physical Plant employees, CUC Telephone Office employees, outside vendors, Scripps employees, or any other authorized personnel needing access to Scripps facilities must check out keys through the Campus Maintenance Office.

  • Keys will be issued between the hours of 7:30am and 5:00pm.
  • All keys are to be returned as soon as the assignment has been completed or by 5:00pm, whichever is earlier.
  • The Campus Maintenance Office reserves the right to refuse key issuance to anyone without proper identification or if issuing a key compromises the security of Scripps students, staff, or faculty.

Special Events Key Checkout: Keys required for Special Events at Scripps facilities, reserved through the Registrar’s Office, Public Events Office, Malott Commons Office, or the Performing Arts Center (PAC), must be checked out from the office authorizing the reservation. Charges will be applied for lost keys.