Administrative Policies

Title Purpose
IRS Form 990 Review Policy This policy provides the guidelines for the annual review process for Form 990, prior to filing.
Tax-Exempt Debt Compliance Policy This policy exists to outline the guidelines for proper tax-exempt bond and loan usage in order to ensure that the funding is properly protected and utilized. The tax-exempt status of these bonds and loans is protected for the life of the bond or loan; however failure to comply with federal restrictions can cause a loss of this protection. The restrictions primarily pertain to issues of arbitrage, timing, and the usage of bond and loan proceeds. This policy exists to guide Scripps through the proper procedures to maintain the tax-exempt status of its bonds and loans.
Key Policy To maintain campus key control for faculty, staff, students, and other authorized personnel.
HEOA 2008: Use of Certain Federal Funds Policy and Procedures The purpose of this policy is compliance with the provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 pertaining to lobbying and sections of individual federal grant award agreements pertaining to lobbying.