Nominations Form and Instructions

Nominations are handled by department/program. Please confer with your colleagues in your discipline, select your finest theses, and have the Chair complete the online nomination form by 12:00pm on Friday, April 26, 2019. Raina Coutin will subsequently invite the students to submit their 75-word abstract for the program through an online form.


  • Sessions will be labeled/organized by discipline (or special interdisciplinary topic). Sessions combining student presentations from different disciplines under the same topic heading are welcome.
  • Departments/Programs select top-notch work done by seniors and showcase it in sessions of 3 to 5 presenters. Seniors with off-campus or self-designed majors are also eligible to participate, but must be nominated by a Scripps faculty member.
  • Departments/Programs will indicate who is moderating the session.  Indicate time slots in order of preference on the second page of the nomination form. We will attempt to honor your first or second choice.
  • Sessions should schedule 3 speakers at 15 minutes or 4 speakers at 12 minutes each. Five speakers at 10 minutes each are an absolute maximum. Should a department/discipline have 6 speakers, two sessions of 3 should be proposed, and they will be scheduled consecutively in the same room, separated by a break. Poster sessions as well as the art show and music or dance recitals of course may have multiple participants.
  • Departments/Programs with a thesis deadline earlier than April 26 are urged to nominate their presenters as soon as possible. The few departments with a later deadline are requested to make a “judgment call” based on their advisory work with the students to date and nominate by April 26.
  • No seniors may present in 2 sessions. If a dual/double major student is nominated by two departments, she will choose where to present.

The online form is available here.