Capstone Day Abstract Instructions

Congratulations! You have been selected by your Department or Program to present your thesis or other capstone experience before the Scripps Community at the Mary Wig Johnson Forum on Capstone Day, Thursday May 3rd 2018. This is indeed an honor and might well be your first “conference presentation” experience, preparing you for graduate school and/or professional career, while adding a fine entry to your CV. Here are instructions for your abstract which will be included in the official program for Capstone Day 2018.

An abstract contains:

  • An introduction and statement of the project
  • A general description of methods used
  • Key results or observations
  • Conclusion(s)

The 75-word limit forces one to be extremely concise, so choose your words carefully.  Convey the most important information about the project in the abstract.  Usually, a simple way to write an abstract is to condense one’s thesis’ conclusion.

Formatting Instructions

Follow the instructions below and submit the requested information here:

  • Your major;
  • The title of your thesis
  • 75-word abstract here.  One paragraph.  Max 75 words.
  • Senior Thesis Advisor:  Type advisor’s name in box beneath the complete abstract.



Art History and History

Born among the Sugar Cane: History & Art in the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean

This thesis examines the colonial and post-colonial legacy of the sugar plantations and industry as depicted in the nineteenth and twentieth century visual art of the Spanish speaking Caribbean. Specifically, exploring why islands of the Caribbean were designated “sugar islands,” this thesis argues that the extent to which sugar dominated an island’s colonial and post colonial economy—coupled with the longevity of institutionalized slavery—determined how much imagery of sugar appeared in the art.

Senior Thesis Advisor:  Juliet Koss

To Submit

Abstracts must be uploaded to the Capstone Day website form by 12:00 pm noon, Thursday, April 26, 2018.  Those received after the deadline will not be included in the published proceedings.