Ally Month

The aim of the month is to provide a wide variety of programming opportunities on how to develop “allyship” with various communities, including LGBTQ identity, race, class, religion, sex, and gender. Participants have the opportunity to attend different trainings, dialogues, and workshops in order to expand their allyship, challenge personal privileges, and become more in tune with their personal identities and systems of power.

SCORE Intern Program

Each year, SCORE has various positions open for students who wish to learn and practice operating within a social justice framework, gain alternative leadership styles, and build community across and within difference. SCORE empowers interns with the practical skills to help facilitate SCORE’s mission and prepare them to be leaders in their communities post-graduation.

The program is open to students of all backgrounds, experiences, majors, and years. SCORE interns are responsible for creating programs that further the SCORE vision and mission internally (Claremont) and externally (outside the Claremont area).

Artivism Interns

Artivism interns are editors of the Our Sound zine, a biannual publication that provides a platform for the voices of those impacted by systemic oppression. Our Sound interns collect submissions of visual art and writing (not limited to traditional forms), lead workshops for students to create zine contributions, and distribute the zine at a launch party at the end of each semester.

Graphic Design Intern

The graphic design intern works in collaboration with all interns to create marketing materials for events, resources, and other initiatives put on by SCORE professional staff and student interns.

Peer Educators

SCORE peer educators create curricula for monthly workshops and take the lead on Ally Month programming.

Pomona Hope Interns

SCORE has a standing community partnership with Pomona Hope, a local nonprofit that aims to serve under-resourced youth in Pomona. SCORE’s Pomona Hope interns carry out leadership and college access workshops for junior-high and high-school youth at the nonprofit.

Programming Interns

Using a social justice lens, programming interns design and lead events that address current events and/or Claremont-specific issues. Programming interns also collaborate with student interns from other offices to put on events.