Peer Health Educators

How Can We Help?

PHEs are here to support all of your holistic wellness needs, from navigating a difficult class to finding your ideal means of self-care. Stop by their office hours to learn more about what they do and how they can help you thrive during your time at Scripps. No question should be left unanswered! Check out some services Scripps PHEs offer:

  • Wellness workshops and events
  • Student training
  • Resources on health topics that focus on the eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, occupational, environmental, social, financial, intellectual, and spiritual.

Current Programs

De-Stress Thursday’s

Every Thursday evening students may stop by the Field House to enjoy de-stressing activities led by our student peer health educators! This program allows students the opportunity to take a break from their hectic lives and be with friends in a fun de-stressing environment, where they may gather the coping skills needed to deal with stress. Some activities include meditation, guided muscle relaxation, watercolor painting, DIY slime, and more!

Tasty Tuesday’s

The first and last Monday of every month students may stop by the Field House to enjoy cooking classes led by our student peer health educators!

Cooking is a great destresser for several reasons. Students are able to engage with one another and socialize, it allows for a creative outlet, and it is a sensory experience with aroma, taste, visual delight and even the sizzling sound of delicious dishes being created. Students have made black bean brownies, chia pudding parfaits, avocado pesto pasta, and more! 

Chest Casting

Every October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and to promote body positivity, the PHE’s host their annual Chest Casting event! Students are invited to stop by the Field House to make a cast of their chest in a body positive environment.

In addition, students are given instruction on how to administer a breast self-exam by practicing on a BSE Model, which features palpable lumps that teach fingers how to locate potential abnormalities, as well as non-palpable lumps that can be seen with a penlight only, underscoring the importance of mammography.

Condom Canary

The Condom Canary is a free subscription program that sends safe sex supplies and health information right to Scripps’ students mailboxes! The Condom Canary is managed by Scripps PHE’s and works to:

  • Remove obstacles to using safe sex supplies, such as lack of privacy or embarrassment.
  • Makes safe sex supplies easier to access
  • Educates students on safe sex practices and to get regularly tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Condom Canary is free and available for every Scripps student by filling out the following Condom Canary Request Form.

*Limit one Condom Canary Kit per student per month


Friday Tabling

Throughout the semester, PHE’s table at Seal Court every Friday during lunch to provide students with various health education topics.

From educating students on alcohol pouring skills to the importance of a good night’s rest, to handing out personalized destress kits, PHE’s work to provide engaging and fun activities for their fellow students.

Be Well Friday’s


The last Friday of every month the Tiernan Field House hosts events  centered around health and wellness. You can find our PHE’s on Bowling Green Lawn with Therapy Dogs, handing out personalized Health and Wellness Kits, tabling with KGI, and more! Students can expect new and exciting topics each month!


TFH Health and Wellness Program Request Form


The Tiernan Field House provides outreach and workshop services by request. If you are interested in having the Field House collaborate on programs, tabling, presentations, workshops, etc., please fill out the program request form. TFH provides programming on the following topics:


  • Sexual Health
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Mental Health / Stress Management
  • Meditation / Mindfulness
  • Exercise / Nutrition

*The topics listed above are examples of possible programming, it is not a limitation in the health and wellness programs offered. If you have any questions please email